Syracuse Urban Beautification Public Art Resistance


The projects of SUBPAR (Syracuse Urban Beautification Public Art Resistance) integrate art into the streets of our city. Syracuse, New York has suffered from a vicious cycle of urban decay that has greatly impacted its visual landscape. SUBPAR counteracts this lackluster environment by creating beauty within the urban surroundings and re-appropriating spaces within the public realm.

Our projects use ceramics or other enduring materials that incorporate into to the existing architecture and add aesthetic value. By doing so, we beautify and bring attention to the potential of under-utilized spaces around Syracuse.  We renew the connection of a place to its discarded function through replenishing voids and repairing damaged facades.  The unexpected transformation of an abandoned site into a beautiful gem creates a moment of discovery that emphasizes the potential of these public spaces. Our aim is to change the perception of the site, as well as how one navigates and interacts with the urban environment.

The objective of SUBPAR is to create unexpected forms of street art that motivates the local populace to take greater notice of their surroundings. By abandoning the more common forms of graffiti and street art we hope to breathe new life into street décor. The intention is to create artwork that cannot be mistaken for mere vandalism or territory marking, and is instead clearly an active effort to improve the decaying conditions of the urban surroundings.  Our installations involve in areas that are falling apart, and as such, they heal but also highlight the larger problem. In this way, SUBPAR uses both the metaphor of ruins and the memory of places forgotten to create new conversations.