Syracuse Urban Beautification Public Art Resistance

So to Speak

Midland Avenue between Furman & W Kennedy Street

Touch Base With….

North Salina Street between Catawba & E. Division Street

Anything You Say

Gifford & S West Street

You Don’t Say

E Fayette Street & Westmoreland Avenue

Say No More

Salina & E Washington Street

Too Close To Call

Lodi & Gertrude Street

Talk Dirty to Me

S Geddes & Otisco Street

We Need To Talk

E Fayette & S Beech Street

You Don’t Say

S Salina between Fayette and Jefferson Street

Talk to You Soon

Bellevue Avenue & Rich Street

I’m Just Saying

S Salina & W Calthrop Avenue

Call it Quits

W Genesee & N Lowell Ave

Say No More

Butternut & S Alvord Street